Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Sewer Backup in Benton Harbor, MI

This sewage filled crawlspace in Benton Harbor, MI was the result of a sewage pipe held together with duct tape. There was roughly one inch of standing sewage.... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Lawrence, MI

A snow/ice storm hits. You lose power. You stay somewhere else for the weekend. You come back to 4' of water and floating appliances in your basement. What do ... READ MORE

Flooded Crawlspace in South Haven, MI

Having a basement dry system installed in your crawlspace doesn't help if the leak comes from above! This home in South Haven went to check on their crawlspace... READ MORE

Dental Office Pipe break, MI

Cold weather is a regular guest in Michigan. The visible damage in this dental office was the result of a broken pipe located in the ceiling. The water was able... READ MORE

Water Damage Destroys Drywall, MI

With winter comes many things. Unfortunately water damage can be one of them. Thankfully SERVPRO is here. During winter many West Michigan homes and businesses ... READ MORE

Residential Flood, MI

This basement flood was the result of a broken pipe located in the ceiling. Due to the extreme saturation of the drywall a significant amount of demo was necess... READ MORE

Pipe break, MI

Michigan is no stranger to temperature changes. From our hot summer to our freezing winters Michigan has it all. Freezing temps can cause wreak havoc. A pipe br... READ MORE

Water Heater Leak,MI

A water heater leak caused big trouble in this customers home. The water under the flooring caused irreversible damage. Our team was able to remove the warped f... READ MORE

Flooded Basement, MI

This flooded basement was the result of a broken pipe. Due to the amount of water a flood cut was necessary. The property owner was pleased by how quickly we we... READ MORE