Fire Damage Photo Gallery

3 stages of cleaning heavy smoke from textured ceiling

House Fire in Fennville, MI

Our technicians were recently tackling this house fire in Fennville.  This photo shows the three stages of using a dry cleaning sponge on a textured ceiling to remove heavy smoke.

Soot web after fire in apartment

Soot Webs

Most people would think that this is just soot landing on a preexisting spider web.  Quite the contrary - this is a soot web or soot tag.  In a fire the heat wants to move into colder areas (the ceiling) to create equilibrium.  The soot then clings to each other in the cooler area creating a web.

Burned apartment from cigarette and oxygen fire

Apartment Fire in Bangor, MI

It won't happen to me.  This Bangor apartment dweller thought the same thing when he lit a cigarette whilst on oxygen.  Cigarettes burn much more quickly when medical-grade oxygen is near.  While using oxygen your clothes and materials around you become enriched with oxygen so they will vigorously burn if ignited.  Make sure to turn off the machine before lighting up.

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Fire, MI

Grease fires are extremely dangerous and can be difficult to put out if not done properly. Keeping the right type of fire extinguisher in your kitchen is key. Check out our blog on choosing the appropriate fire extinguisher.

Have Questions about damage?

For help restoring your residential or commercial space after a water,fire or mold loss, call SERVPRO of Allegan & Barry County at 269-686-0664.

Attic Fire, MI

After suffering from a fire loss this home owner contacted SERVPRO of Allegan/Barry County. With a lot of hard work our crew was able to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Have Questions about damage?

For help restoring your residential or commercial space after a water,fire or mold loss ,call SERVPRO of Allegan & Barry County at 269-686-0664.

Electrical Fire, MI

This is what was left after an electrical fire started in this Allegan County garage. We arrived on sight promptly. The smoke and soot damage extended to the far end of the home. After walking through the residence with the home owner and talking about the loss our team went to work. With this particular loss we were able to clean all the content on site rather than packing it out. The home owner was extremely pleased with the end result. 

Grease Fire, MI

A grease fire got out of control and left this home extremely damaged. Thankfully everyone was okay. Our SERVPRO team was able to salvage content and help this family through the begging steps of recovering after a fire loss.

Garage Fire, MI

This is a glimpse of the damage that was caused when a fire broke out in this customer garage. Unfortunately the majority of structure was none salvageable. However we were able to clean and restore a few items belonging to the home owners. They were very happy that not all was lost.

Dryer Fire, MI

This fire began in the laundry room. The cause was clearly the dryer. An accumulation of lint causes one out of four fires, which means that not cleaning your dryer is more of a threat than a mechanical or electrical malfunction. Remove lint from the dryer’s lint screen every time you use your dryer.The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends disconnecting the duct from the dryer, cleaning it out, and reconnecting the duct to the dryer and outside vent.