Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Pillow with mold growth

Mold Growth on Contents in South Haven, MI

This home in South Haven had several pipe bursts after their heat went out during a winter storm.  Water sat for a month saturating everything it touched.  This pillow is speckled with mold growth from being submerged for so long.

Mold growth on wall from extensive water damage

Mold Growth in South Haven, MI Guest House

Homeowners in South Haven discovered severe water damage to their guest house after not using it for the winter.  A pipe break in the ceiling, most likely from the shower, affected several rooms.  Drywall walls and other contents were saturated.  Since proper drying was not achieved, the water damage turned into extensive mold damage.  The wall in this photo had cabinets installed on it which restricted airflow, becoming a breeding ground for mold growth.  Our technicians were able to safely demo affected items, effectively dry out all areas, and remediate the mold.

Mold in attic from too much insulation

Overinsulation Issues in Hartford, MI Attic

Our Production Manager ran into this microbial mold growth in a Hartford, MI attic recently.  Too much insulation was the culprit for this scenario.  Next time you think you need more insulation ask an expert.

Wall with spots of different colored mold

Mold Attack in Saugatuck, MI

Mold thrives in places with a lot of moisture and grows well on ceiling tiles, wallpaper, and wood products, just to name a few.  This home in Saugatuck was the perfect environment for mold to run wild!  While on vacation, their hot water supply line broke and was blowing off steam for a week.  If you're going to be gone for an extended period of time, make sure to have someone check-in on your property to help make sure this doesn't happen to you. 

Lightbulb with algae growing inside and mold growing on outside

Mold on Lightbulb in Saugatuck, MI

Have you ever seen algae inside of a lightbulb or mold growing on the outside of it?  We hadn't either until this mold job in Saugatuck!  Have mold in your home that needs remediation?  We are Here to Help!

Fuzzy mold on floor up close

Mold Growth in Nashville, MI

Our technicians see mold growth in many different forms at the job site.  These fuzz ball molds are like microscopic dandelions just waiting to be carried away with a breeze to reproduce.  They appeared after water damage of an unknown duration. 

Mold growth on basement door

Mold Growth on Basement Door

Our technicians see it all.  This mold covered door in the basement of a Lawton, MI home was due to a foundation leak.  This was a favorite for one of our technicians; she said it reminded her of a cow.

Hanging mold

Hanging Mold

Mold can appear in many different forms. Our Production Manager found this hanging mold in a damp crawlspace/utility room due to condensation.

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Discovery of Mold

This mold was discovered by one of our team members after removing a layer of drywall from the ceiling. The area was reading wet after a roof leak was found. The home owner was unaware of the exciting mold. Luckily this job was nothing out of the ordinary for our team. The job was handled with expertise.